My Skin Care Routine

I have always been obsessed with trying DIY hair and face masks and having at-home spa days with my sisters, so I am very excited for this post. It has taken me a long time, but I think I have finally found lots of products that I LOVE. Finding things that work for me has been especially hard in the past few years because my skin has gradually been changing, so I’ve needed to pay more attention to what I’m using on my face. Trying to go vegan only made this problem worse. Don’t get my wrong–I’m not complaining. I will say, though, that I still use some products that aren’t vegan and cruelty free (and feel so guilty about it). I haven’t found animal- and eco-friendly replacements for everything in my beauty routine, but I thought I would include everything so I could be completely candid.

My skin type: sensitive, rosacea, typically no breakouts, gets dry easily

Face Cleanser

These are the two face cleansers I am currently using. These are two of the products that I think I will be using for a long time to come because they work SO WELL with my skin. I typically use the Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser in the morning and the Daily Resurfacing Cleanser at night. The latter can be used on all skin types.

These are my favorite face masks. Pacifica, Osea, and Lani are all vegan brands. I typically use one of the cleansing masks, such as the tomato, white algae, or kale brighten, followed by a calming one, such as the carrot, tropical fruit, or Éminence Calm Skin Arnica mask (not pictured). I realized after I got it that the Yes to Cucumbers mask is probably not vegan, but I know the others are all vegan.

Follain is a website that has a collection of cruelty free, vegan, nontoxic makeup and skincare. They carry lots of different brands, including some of the ones I named.


These are the products I use on my lips. The Vaseline lip therapy SAVED me so many times this past winter. That’s definitely by far my favorite. Regular petroleum jelly also works if I can’t find my lip balm. The Coola lip balm is what I primarily use in the summer because it’s spf 30. It’s not vegan because I couldn’t find any vegan lip balm with spf when I was on vacation, but it’s cruelty free!


I’ve used these for my entire life, and I LOVE them. I haven’t found a vegan and cruelty free alternative that works as well as this one, but I’ll post an updated skin care routine when I do.

How do you take care of your skin?

Sara ❤

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